I was commissioned to design and install a 96m mural for Droitwich Spa's lido park to tell the story of the town's history and it's strong connection to the salt industry


The mural begins on the right hand side in Roman times when town was known as Salinae and began its salt production. We move along the mural through the Anglo Saxon age and passing 3 of the towns iconic churches and on to the canal with its narrowboats transporting the prized salt. Next is the 17th century Westwood House and its ornate gatehouse.


The "salt king" John Corbett's salt works are followed by his ornate house the Chateau Impney built with the proceeds of his salt empire. We now move into the town itself and on to Friar Street with its 17th century Priory House and the Old Cock Inn with its window from the church of St Nicholas which was destroyed in the 18th century. St Andrews and the Royal brine baths follow where the town gained its status as spa town, on to the high street with it's mix of buildings in age, style and colour passing the 1907 post office building on the way. The mural comes to end in the mid 20th century as we pass the lido pool and the BBC radio antennas.