2 designs for vinyl car wrapping electric cars for Milton Keynes Pedalling Culture project.
The project's aim is to encourage the use of sustainable transport whilst visiting the cultural sites around Milton Keynes, specifically the walking and cycling tracks.


The 2 designs highlight the extensive cycling and walking tracks around Milton Keynes and a selection of the historic and modern cultural sites to be seen en route.


The Renault Zoe car design focuses on walking to visit such historic sites as the Bradwell abbey and windmill, the 17th century almshouses, the Grand Union canal. Also visiting more modern sites such as Christ The Cornerstone church, the MK theatre and gallery and Liz Leyh's concrete cows.


The Nissan Leaf car design focuses on cycling to visit such sites as Price's brick kilns, the old MK museum, Bill Billings Triceratops and the Light Pyramid by Liliane Lijn.